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18 December 2022
A Fantasy Card Game, Out Now!

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Achroma is a beautifully illustrated fantasy card game for 2-6 players and it’s OUT NOW. Achroma is fast, fun, easy to pick up and has lots of tactical depth.

Character Cards

During a game of Achroma, you’ll spend shards – your life energy – to deploy and attack with heroic Characters, equip them with Objects of Power, harness Locations and unleash cunning Actions. Doing so will enable you to gain, drain and steal shards in return. To win, gather thirty shards in your bank or reduce your opponents’ banks to zero.

Guys Playing Achroma



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Each player comes to the gaming table with a deck of 30 Achroma cards called a palette. Use a pre-constructed palette straight from an Achroma First Edition box set or create your own from your Achroma card collection. 

The game uses an innovative shard system, where shards are used to play cards but are also the life energy that keeps you in the game, and the win condition. There are two ways to win a game, with ‘light side’ Chroma decks focused on gaining shards, and ‘dark side’ Achrom decks focused on draining and stealing shards from other players.

Expansion Packshots



Each Achroma release is a jumping on point for fresh players and an expansion for existing players. Each themed release is built around a narrative set in The Five Realms and comes with new cards to collect, trade, and play with, along with new factions and abilities. 

Each release is supported by short stories, soundtracks, Achroma app updates and reveals more of a larger overarching narrative that you can influence by using the Achroma app when you play.

The Warriors of Wishwell Packshot


The quickest way to get started with Achroma is with an Achroma First Edition box. Each First Edition box set contains 60 Achroma cards, split into two decks.They’re perfect for two players to get started straight out of the box.




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