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12 July 2022
Eely River Games presents H.E.R.O.

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HE.R.O is a 2-4 player Emergency Room Mayhem. Players have to take care of critical patients and also of their board positioning and resources. Players chose to play cooperatively or competitively.

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Are you ready to be a HE.R.O?

Managing a chaotic E.R. during a night shift is no fun and games. Or is it?

The Game

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In HE.R.O, players take the roles of young doctors having to cope with a never ending flood of patients, vulturing colleagues and of course the dire need for sleep. At their help are the best journals on the planet, highly motivated consultants (highly motivated to get back to sleep, that is…) and an everchanging flock of staff members (that may or may not be helpful after all).

Game Layout


Game Layout


With actions limited to three per turn, careful planning is imperative. Place your doctor on the wrong part of the board and you might miss out while your colleagues get all the laurels. Chose the right time to get your sleep in and watch your step. Going too slow? You might be too late! Going too fast? You might cause more chaos than you can handle. Are the patients too hard for you to treat? Grab a journal!

With ever changing sets of patients, staff and possibilities, no night shift will be like the last one!

Never lose sight of your colleagues, keep track of your tokens and never forget to check the ever ticking timers on the patients. Treat as many as possible to become the best doctor, the greatest HE.R.O!

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