SPONSORED POST: Enter the World of Chaldea, an Epic Fantasy Series Premiering to Fans Worldwide

18 January 2021
Originating out of Wargaming and D&D, Chaldea launches eight chapters in 2020-21
SPONSORED POST: Enter the World of Chaldea, an Epic Fantasy Series Premiering to Fans Worldwide Images

SEATTLE –  For wargaming and fantasy fans, a new world brings anticipation, excitement and opportunity to delve outside the ordinary. Enter the World of Chaldea, a new fantasy series created by Peter Adkison and told through comic art using motion graphics, voice over actors, sound effects, and an original score to create a unique experience for subscribers.  Six years in the making, eight chapters will be released in 2020-2021. The first two chapters of the Chaldea story will be released on YouTube December 20, 2020. In addition, the first eight chapters will also include two live action short films. 


Adkison explains, "All RPG game masters dream of sharing their worlds that they've so lovingly crafted over the years, but the market of RPG world settings is flooded.  Yet there's always room for another great fantasy story.”


Chaldea is based on Peter Adkison's Dungeons & Dragons campaign he started in 1981. Drawing heavily from real-world mythologies, especially the Babylonian, Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, and Norse pantheons, Chaldea’s storyline ask’s  What happens to an empire when the god-emperor dies?’  Throughout the dark, gritty fantasy, the primary species involve humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, dragons, giants, and undead. Most human kingdoms of Chaldea are loosely inspired by real world human cultures. 


The lead characters in the initial release of the series include:

  • Yonnus Octoni - a middle eastern male character played by Brandon Marino.
  • Sarva -- a middle eastern female character played by Yasmine Aker.
  • Zane Adraelestos -- a male Etharch elf character played by Jesse Cheever. 
  • Maurko Hamalgrar is a halfling male character played by Eric Ray Anderson. 
  • Reiswitz Georg von Gustavus is a Germanic male character played by Stefan Hajek. 

The Reiswitz character is an homage to the real-world Georg Leopold von Reiswitz (1760-1828).  In 1811 Reiswitz presented Taktisches Kriegs-Spiel to the royal family of Prussia, where it was enthusiastically received.  Using damp sand to sculpt three-dimensional topographical elements, for the first time in history toy soldiers could be maneuvered freely across a custom battlefield.  Using rulers to measure distances, this was a fundamental break from the chess tradition of movement on a square grid.  For this reason, Reiswitz is generally consider the father of modern wargaming, which also lead to Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy as it is known today.


Chaldea also celebrates another legend of wargaming, the recently-departed "Uncle Duke" Seifried.  Uncle Duke performs a fantasy version of himself, the "old toy maker", in Chapter 3, which will be released on January 18th, 2021. 


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While the World of Chaldea is set in fantasy, the minds behind it are solid business entrepreneurs well-known in the gaming industry. Peter Adkison and Steve Conard are the principal business partners and co-creators of Chaldea. In the 90s, Adkison and Conard started Wizards of the Coast and have worked together on several business ventures since including Gen Con.  In 1997, they had the opportunity to return to their RPG roots when Wizards acquired TSR, rescuing Dungeons & Dragons and Gen Con from bankruptcy.


To view the World of Chaldea, join the YouTube channel and subscribe at youtube.com/worldofchaldea

For more information and additional content visit, www.worldofchaldea.com.


About Chaldea

Chaldea is a fantasy world that began as Peter Adkisons Dungeon & Dragons campaign in 1981. In 2020, co-founders of the World of Chaldea fantasy series Peter Adkison (producer and director) and Steve Conard (lead writer, art director, and co-director) are releasing eight chapters in its first fantasy series on YouTube.  Chaldea's business strategy is to build an audience on YouTube and social media and then seek licensing opportunities.  Future chapters and seasons are well into development.




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