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15 March 2023
Archon Studio, a company based in Poland, launch their largest and most ambitious fantasy miniatures Kickstarter campaign yet on 11th April!

Dungeons & Lasers V: World of Deuslair has launched on Kickstarter! With over 400 highly-detailed miniatures, this collection boasts a wide variety of warriors, non-playable characters, and mythical creatures - all crafted with the utmost attention to detail and made with durable HIPS plastic.

That’s not all! In addition to the incredible amount of miniatures, they also decided to include a 5E-compatible RPG campaign book and Bestiary set in the mythical world of Deuslair. The campaign book will provide players with a wealth of information and resources to help guide them through their adventures, while the Bestiary features more than 150 entries on the creatures and enemies they may encounter along the way. It’s worth mentioning that the project is planned to be ‘system agnostic’, so you can use all of its elements in any RPG system you desire. They’re designing it to be compatible with most of the popular rulesets.

A vast range of quality minis

Among the miniatures, you can find some of the most iconic and beloved creatures from the realm of myths and legends. From fierce and majestic dragons that haunt the skies to the massive and indomitable Tarrasque that ravages the land, Archon’s collection captures the essence of these legendary beasts in breathtaking detail. There will also be no lack of iconic creatures from D&D. As a reward for backing the project in the first 48 hours, you will get an ‘Owlbear & The Family’ bonus miniature.



But don’t forget about the smaller, yet no less important, miniatures that bring your tabletop adventures to life. From brave warriors and scheming mages to sly thieves and noble knights, their upcoming Kickstarter campaign has something for every player and every playstyle. You can choose who they will meet from a wide array of options - mighty knights, ferocious beastkin, undead liches, corrupted mages, or failed experiments created through taboo practices. Play with whatever suits your needs!


Among all the miniatures Archon Studio offers, you will find ones that you can easily modify to various multi-poses. You are able to add heads, hands, and weapons to each torso, which is quite a treat for all future ‘Dungeons & Lasers V’ backers.



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Less than 1$ per mini thanks to in-house production


Remarkably, the 5th edition of Dungeons & Lasers - just like the previous ones - is entirely manufactured in Europe, and more specifically - in Poland.


No matter which pledge you choose, the final price will always be lower than 1$ per miniature. It is worth mentioning that all the miniatures are made with High Impact Polystyrene which is known as the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to minis. For the kind of quality you get in return, it almost sounds like a discount.


Our greatest advantage is the fact that all production processes take place on-site. We have amazingly-qualified engineers, talented artists, and a well-coordinated production team. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver our products not only on time but also several months earlier - which has happened to us many times before’ says JarosÅ‚aw Ewertowski, Archon Studio’s CEO.


Furthermore, you will be able to purchase items from previous campaigns if you missed out on anything. Dungeons & Lasers: Encounters contained Neoprene mats, highly-detailed trees, terrain sets (Swamps of Doom, Land of the Giants, The Elven Woods), and many, many more! It is undeniably worth checking out.


This upcoming Kickstarter campaign and its miniatures will surely help bring to life a lot of exciting adventures. If you are interested in joining this epic journey, visit a Kickstarter preview page to check the contents and prices of pledges, read more about an RPG campaign itself, and give Archon Studio valuable feedback. Don’t also forget about clicking the ‘Notify me on launch’ button to stay up to date.




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