SPONSORED POST: Caliver Books at Salute 50

18 April 2023
There's still time to get your pre-orders in!

Having been at major wargames shows for over 40 years you're all be familiar with Caliver Books!  They have more  stuff for wargamers than anyone else on the Planet.  And they’ll be taking a lot of the rules with them for you to peruse at Stand number TD02.

Of course, they shall be discounting the major plastic historical figure Brand (with our usual extra discounts for quantity).

They‘ll also have the next  Flames of War releases  for you so you can beat your chums.

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SALUTE will see the launch of  our latest set of rules Pop over to  Skirmish Wargames on GA19 and see their Greek game based on THE TALES OF MEN MYTHS & MONSTERS.


There is still time to get some pre-orders  in.  Contact  [email protected]


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