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22 October 2019
If you haven’t heard of ‘Beyond Humanity: Colonies’ before, then read on!
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It’s a new landmark in hybrid gaming. The unprecedented combination of a board game with electronic miniatures and an accompanying app significantly facilitates players' experience of building a colony on an alien planet.

Smart cards are “read” by RFID technology built into miniatures buildings that emit light to communicate status with the players. The colony “board” connects wirelessly with the app on your smartphone or tablet, presenting information of the statuses of both residents and the colonies.

Players, as the managers of the new colony, decide on new modules to be built, introduce decrees to define the functioning of the colony, carry out planetary exploration and research to obtain valuable artefacts, gather resources and gain public support of the colonists.

The gameplay is both cooperative and competitive: players must cooperate to keep the colony operational and self-sufficient, and, at the same time, compete to gain influence and to decide on the direction of the colony's development, based on individual victory goals. If the colony fail, they lose all, if successful, there is only one real winner.

Despite the cutting-edge technology, it is essentially still a normal tabletop experience - the game performs the advanced euro-style math and economy by itself so that the players can focus on interactions and decisions within the board of managers. 

Basic facts:

Number of Players: 2-5

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Time per Game: 60–180 minutes

Age: 16+

After over 5 years of preparation and enormous work from the whole team, we will finally be able to show the whole world (and you!) our game. We cannot wait!

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The last point we want to raise here is a bit unusual when talking about board games. Although we are the creators of a Sci-Fi game made to provide fun, we cannot forget about serious issues in the real world.
Beyond Humanity is about leaving a dying earth, but it doesn’t mean we want to see it that way anytime soon. We dream that space exploration will be an open-minded path of curiosity, not a necessity to survive.
Therefore, our team decided to carefully design the product in a way that would have minimal possible environmental impact. Electronics are made according to the RoHS standards, are lead-free, and recyclable. Plastic modules are made with ABS and polycarbonate, which are also recyclable. If after 10 or more years, if you decide to throw our game away (although we hope you will not), please put it in the proper recycling bins to give it another life, maybe even as parts for future space colonization.
Secondly, we decided to keep all production and suppliers in Europe and in the USA. It does affect the price but there are things more important than cheap economy. We decided to keep away from producing and importing from China, because we believe in the value of human work paid with fair wages, and that things we buy should be made in a fair work environment.
Furthermore, European and American manufacturers can give a better guarantee of the planet-friendly production process and geographical shortening of the supply line would decrease the carbon footprint.


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