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24 January 2017
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Average value of collection per user found to be a staggering £2,687.63

Have you ever thought about the value of the figures, units, armies and collections you own? It’s a question that niggled at wargame enthusiasts Peter Riley and David Pead as they talked to gamers at the Colours show in Newbury last year. Most of those they spoke to had little idea of the true value of their collection, so they decided it was time to give a helping hand.

The result is their recently launched Collection Calculator. The free online website can tell you instantly the reserve price you should put on your collection if you want to sell or insure it or are just plain curious.

Once you’ve registered for your free account, you can build your own Table of Organisation and Equipment unit by unit and see how your collection increases in value as each additional item is added.

You can also upload photos of your units and describe what they are and their current makeup. The secure site will then keep a record of your collection safe and sound for posterity.

Riley and Pead, who both work professionally in the world of online publishing, launched their Collection Calculator quietly over Christmas and the New Year and tested it out on a select group of friends. But the word soon spread and they quickly attracted details from scores of wargamers covering more than 1,000 units. This allows them to report with confidence a very interesting fact: the average value of collection per user was £2,687.63!

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As more people use the Collection Calculator, so the analysis can widen and become more robust. Up to this point, just three wargamers have registered collections worth more than £20,000, but there are likely to be many more people out there with large and valuable collections.

However, Peter Riley, who is also a is a well-known Polemos Rules writer, emphasises that the Collection Calculator is not just for wargamers with big collections.

“The bulk of our early users have registered collections made up from less than 10 units, but their value is still in the hundreds and, often, thousands of pounds,” he said.

“We hope every wargamer will register their collection so we can start to feedback interesting facts and benchmarking by period and scale and any other way people are interested in.”

You can find out more and register your collection at the Collection Calculator website.


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