Splendor’s mobile version finally adds online multiplayer

30 September 2016
screen520x924-38771.jpeg Players will lose karma for quitting online matches early
iOS and Android ports of beloved board game support ranked matches, private games and karma system to discourage quitting

More than a year after Days of Wonder’s Splendor came to mobile screens, the app has been updated to support online multiplayer matches.

Both the iOS and Android releases of the highly regarded board game will now allow between two and four human players to compete over the internet, with Apple and Google fans able to face off against each other thanks to cross-platform support.

Much like the publisher’s other digital versions, you’ll need a Days of Wonder account to play online, with both ranked and unranked matches available.

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Ranked matches are set to a game-winning total of 15 Prestige points, while unranked games can be customised.

Alternatively, friends can create a private game protected by a password.

Splendor’s online modes include a karma system, which will penalise those who quit game early. Game hosts with high enough karma can restrict the ability to join to those with a specific level of good behaviour.


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