Splendor’s first expansion is actually four expansions in one, out this August

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30 May 2017
pic3564138-93366.png Cities of Splendor
Mix-and-match modules include new cards, player board, extra rewards and powers

Space Cowboys’ Spiel des Jahres-nominated debut Splendor continues to be a joy to play three years on from its release, so news of the first expansion for the gem-collecting card game is exciting stuff.

What’s even more exciting, though, is that Cities of Splendor is actually four expansions in one, comprising a quartet of modules that can be added to the core game on their own or applied in a combination to have a different playing experience each match.

There’s not much description regarding the four different variants available, so here’s what we know so far:

The first addition introduces an extra reward for players to compete over, joining the noble cards awarded to the player that collects their required combination of cards first.

The second ties into the expansion’s titular cities, allowing players to place tokens on their cards to represent the regions.

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The third adds a separate player board that presents the chance to acquire and utilise unique powers if particular sets are claimed.

The final portion of the new set also focuses on player skills, mixing cards with powers into the three decks of cards that form the central grid.

Inside the box are new cards, tokens and boards, plus miniatures, illustrated by Splendor artist Pascal Quidault. Hopefully the new components will fit comfortably into the original game’s notoriously spacious packaging.

According to listings by various UK retailers (via Reddit), Cities of Splendor is planned for a release on August 31st and will cost £25.99.


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