Spirit Island expansion Jagged Earth brings new spirits and more players to the godly co-op game

17 October 2018
si-je-48325.png Spirit Island: Jagged Earth
Plus new ways to play

The next big expansion for Spirit Island is amping up almost every element of the fantastic co-op game.

Jagged Earth, which has already sailed far beyond its target on Kickstarter, brings eight additional spirits into the mix for players to take control of and drive off invaders from two new adversaries: the Russian Empire and the Hapsburg Monarchy.

As well as upping the number of deities for players to choose from, Jagged Earth also opens up the game for up to two extra people to play, with two more sections for the modular map board expanding both its size and variety.

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There’s more cards for the original game’s pool of events and fear effects, plus the introduction of brand new gameplay elements in the form of aspects, which give the spirits a different feel by replacing a power, and badlands tokens that can make regions of the board more dangerous for the humans to settle – both the native Dahan and the colonising invaders.

Although some of Jagged Earth’s content uses elements from previous expansion  Branch & Claw, the box includes everything necessary to dive straight in from the base Spirit Island set, so there’s no need to own anything else.

Jagged Earth is expected to arrive with backers of its Kickstarter in May 2020. The campaign runs until November 17th.


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