SPIEL.digital Begins Today

22 October 2020
Who are you looking forward to seeing the most?

SPIEL in Essen, like so many others (ourselves included), had to make the decision to cancel/postpone their physical event, and again like others, chose to head online. And with that, the time has come, and SPIEL.digital is here!


It's free of charge to participate, but you may have to register with them for specific events, and it does encourage you to donate to it to continue to support SPIEL to make it possible.


The long weekend of October 22nd to 25th will include more than 400 exhibitors from 41 nations, many of whom will announce new games or news over the course of the event, host playthroughs, streams, and more. SPIEL.Digital has said that you'll be experiencing over 1,400 games, with the help of Board Game Arena and Tabletopia.

The benefit, of course, with being digital is that those of us who may not have been able to attend SPIEL, can not only now join, but also interact with other players around the world. No more waiting for the news updates after the event, you can be right in the middle of it from the start with some of your favourite designers. 

Given some of the sneak peeks that have been briefly hinted at across Twitter, it looks like there's a great chance of some brilliant new game announcements, so we'll be tuning in to find out what's occurring. 

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You can find the opening show below: 

And importantly, you can register over on the site, find a list of exhibitors also. The website has struggled this morning, but a fix has been found and gaming can resume!


Of course, if you're wishing you could have caught more of our own digital show, Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live, or you're missing some of the highlights, you can catch some over on our Youtube Channel! From talking about Icewind Dale with Chris Perkins, to designer tips with Dávid Turczi, and making monsters with Mike Mason himself, there's tons for you to take a look at!


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