Specter Ops gets a social deception card game spin-off: Crossfire

16 March 2017
crossfire-18476.jpg Crossfire
Designed by Specter Ops creator Emerson Matsuuchi

The world of stealth-action hidden movement board game Specter Ops is expanding with a new social deception spin-off called Crossfire.

The card game is set in the same universe as designer Emerson Matsuuchi’s 2015 hit, but ditched the hidden movement mechanics for quick-fire deduction gameplay that seems akin to One Night Ultimate Vampire.

Players are assigned to two teams, with agents working to defend an anonymous VIP and assassins trying to, well, assassinate them. There’s also innocent bystanders in the mix, as well as unique special classes on each side with specific win or lose objectives and abilities.

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A round lasts three minutes, before everyone playing must aim and fire at their suspected target. If the VIP survives, the agents win. Otherwise, it’s an assassin victory – but anyone who kills a bystander automatically loses either way.

Plaid Hat has confirmed that the game will come with plenty of different roles to shake up each round, and has teased that it will release further details on the core mechanics and game modes ‘very soon’. There’s no word yet on a release date.


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