Sneaky Cards, the card game that turned real life into a social scavenger hunt, is sneaking out a sequel

16 July 2018
sneaky2productshot-20746.jpg Sneaky Cards 2
Players must complete missions from giving a stranger flowers to throwing a surprise party

If you’ve ever had a stranger do something nice for you out of the blue, there’s a chance they might’ve handed you a card afterwards – your invitation to ‘play it forward’.

That’s the motto of Sneak Cards, the meta card game that arrived on the scene a few years back and aimed to turn real life into a game.

The premise was simple: inside each pocket-sized box was a set of cards, each with a mission or challenge for the player to pull off as part of an ongoing scavenger hunt. Nearly all of the missions were designed around the idea of interacting with strangers or doing something kind for someone random, and were divided into categories such as ‘care’, ‘connect’ and ‘surprise’.

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For example, you might’ve been challenged to take a selfie with a stranger, pay for something from a vending machine for the person after you or simply hand on a card to someone else in an effort to eventually get it to someone famous. (Probably Kevin Bacon.)

This year, Sneaky Cards’ list of missions is getting longer with Sneaky Cards 2, a sequel that’s very much sticking to the original game’s winning formula.

In the box are 55 cards offering up 54 new missions, ranging from giving a stranger flowers and throwing a surprise party to challenging someone to a dance-off or high-fiving five strangers. The completed cards then get passed along to someone new, who repeats and passes it on. And so on.

Sneaky Cards 2 is out later this month – so the next time someone does something nice for you, be prepared to play it forward.


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