Snap new faces onto customisable cubes to up your chances in Dice Forge

30 January 2017
pic2987203-24302.jpg Dice Forge's customisable dice
Upcoming dicebuilder from Régis Bonnessée sees players acquire new faces, rather than additional dice

Asmodee and Libellud have announced a new dicebuilder featuring an intriguingly unique dice-customising mechanic.

Dice Forge is the latest design of Seasons and Lords of Xidit creator Régis Bonnessée, and drops the conventional dicebuilding concept of acquiring additional dice or trading dice for more powerful cubes.

Instead, players pick up single dice faces and swap them with one of the existing results on each of their two dice, upping their chances of rolling high on a subsequent turn.

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Dice are rolled to earn victory points, battle monsters and gather resources such as gold and sun and moon shards, which can be used to buy new faces from a central temple or complete heroic deeds to earn helpful cards.

A match ends after nine or ten rounds, with glory points providing a standard whose-score-is-higher path to victory.

It’s an interesting concept we haven’t seen used in this way before – you’ll be able to find out whether it’s more than a gimmick when Dice Forge is released in the second quarter of 2017.

UPDATE: Thanks to the empassioned replies of TTG's Facebook readers, we've been reminded that both Rattlebones and some of the Lego board games used a similar face-swapping mechanic to allow players to customise their dice. So, perhaps not as completely original as we first thought – but certainly not a common sight!


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