Smash Up returns to mobile and PC this week

09 October 2017
pic1269874-00022.jpg Smash Up
Includes nine factions, with more as in-app purchases

Smash Up is the card game realisation of every impassioned geek’s debate over whether ninjas are better than pirates, wizards could defeat an army of robots or aliens really did wipe out the dinosaurs.

Players build a deck from two factions of pop culture staples, harnessing the unique powers of their chosen sides as part of the game’s ‘shufflebuilding’ core.

Each player’s combined army then takes on the might of their rivals, battling for control of bases to score points and ultimately be crowned the best pairing around.

Paul Peterson’s much-loved card battler has a rematch with an old foe – digital – as it heads back to PC and mobile later this week, after the original virtual version of the game was pulled when Asmodee took over control of the series.

The replacement app has been developed by Talisman studio Nomad, and includes solo play against AI as well as online and local multiplayer.

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The app includes the base game and its nine factions, although extra expansions and decks are planned for in-game purchases, with the option to pick your favourites or select two at random to create your loadout.

There’s also a save function and tutorial for newcomers, plus achievements and leaderboards for those wanting to see how they rank around the world.

Smash Up will be arriving on iOS, Android and Steam in the next few days.


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