Smash Up goes free-to-play on PC

20 October 2016
ss_4c3ca232271632d77d5262a364c818f4440481d6.1920x1080-93747.jpg Three factions are included in the free-to-play version
‘Shufflebuilding’ card game hits Steam’s Early Access

Paul Peterson’s genre-mashing card game Smash Up has come to the digital world.

The game sees up for to four players combine two different decks of cards – based on genre tropes such as pirates, ninjas, robots and zombies – and mix them together into a single 40-card stack.

They then utilise the unique combos found in the mixed cards to battle for power over a number of bases in an effort to score as much as possible.

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The PC version of the card game, released as a work-in-progress through Steam’s Early Access programme, includes support for three additional human or AI opponents, as well as online multiplayer.

It’s free-to-play for three factions, with additional decks, such as aliens and zombies, available as add-on purchases for £1.59 apiece. A £6 Starter Pack is also on sale, comprising six factions, with a further three planned as free additions to the set.

The app also includes a tutorial mode, plus randomised faction selection for a greater challenge.

It’s worth noting that early user reviews appeared to be mixed, with some players reporting program crashes – although many of the complaints seem to be aimed at the limited nature of the free version.


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