Sequel to co-op heist game Burgle Bros. stealing its way to Kickstarter next month

30 July 2019
burgle-bros-2-50710.jpg Burgle Bros. 2: The Casino Capers
Take my money!

A sequel to the fantastic co-operative heist game Burgle Bros. has been officially revealed by designer Tim Fowers.

Burgle Bros. 2: The Casino Capers was revealed by Fowers on Twitter, showing off a potentially Las Vegas-ish setting for the sneaky robbery game – complete with an Elvis impersonator. (Whether they’re a playable character, innocent bystander or potential mark is yet to be seen.)

Fowers confirmed that the game will be a brand new standalone title, and will launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on August 15th. The original Burgle Bros. was Kickstarted in early 2015, eventually making over $220,000 from more than 6,000 people; it was released later that year, and followed by a mobile and PC app.

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While Fowers has remained quiet on what to expect from Burgle Bros. 2’s gameplay compared to the first game, potential details have emerged from early playtesters of the game, including BoardGameGeek user Scott Ferrier, who mentioned that players’ characters may have individual decks of cards to complement their unique abilities. Images of the prototype show a similar grid layout of room cards and walls across multiple floors, with the roaming guards controlled by patrol decks.

Fowers has been joined by new co-designer Jeff Krause, who previously collaborated with the designer on Sabotage, the team-based stealth game set in the Burgle Bros. universe. Returning to illustrate Burgle Bros. 2 is Ryan Goldsberry, who has created the artwork for all of the games in the universe – including the non-Fowers game Getaway Driver.

In late 2016, Fowers hinted at a legacy game in the Burgle Bros. series – there’s no suggestion so far that Burgle Bros. 2 is that same project.

We’ll find out more when Burgle Bros. 2: The Casino Capers hits Kickstarter next month.


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