Second edition of erotic horror RPG Monsterhearts announced

08 November 2016
6f6b05e9a65a0fe3922d850eb44970ea_original-02638.jpg Monsterhearts was published in 2012
Monsterhearts originally published in 2012

Monsterhearts, the RPG that focuses on all of the scary and sexy things that can place in the dark, is returning for a second edition.

Created by designer Avery Alder and based on the Apocalypse World system, Monsterhearts casts players as teenage monsters who balance their adolescent dramas with the battle for their humanity.

The game uses 2d6 and players’ character ‘skins’ to produce stories – there’s no set narrative, but specific in-game ‘moves’ (such as running away, gazing into the abyss or turning someone on) help to guide the action and conflict. Players perform certain tasks to earn ‘strings’, which can be used to influence the outcome of events or other characters’ actions.

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The original Monsterhearts was published back in 2012, and Alder says that the second edition will include revamped game mechanics, refreshed artwork, expanded rules covering things such as boundaries and vulnerability, belonging, the nature of violence in the genre, sexuality and – amusingly – ‘texting’, and a new set of characters alongside some refined existing cast members.

£8 gets you a digital copy of the game, with £20 grabbing the physical edition. Right now, the Kickstarter campaign has already more than quadrupled its initial $15,000 CAD target, and will run until the beginning of December.


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