Scott Pilgrim comics publisher Oni Press is now making board games

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11 August 2017
Scott-Pilgrim-Vol-3-Featured-Image-43177.png Scott Pilgrim
Previously worked on Scott Pilgrim’s Previous Little Card Game and Dead of Winter comic series

Oni Press, the comic book publisher behind Scott Pilgrim, is moving into the world of board games.

Oni Games will be a new division focused on adapting the company’s own titles for the tabletop, ICv2 reports. Heading up the team will be game designer Steve Ellis, who co-created Dicey Goblins, Trains: Rising Sun and Railways of the World: The Card Game.

Some of the best-known comics from the US outlet include Queen & Country, Wasteland, Black Metal, Whiteout: Melt and Resurrection, many of which have picked up Eisner Awards, the lauded comic book prizes.

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Ahead of its full dive into gaming, Oni had been dipping its toes into the tabletop pool in recent months; Scott Pilgrim tabletop spin-off Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game, published by Renegade, launches at Gen Con next week.

In the other direction, Oni adapted zombie survival dice-roller Dead of Winter as a horror-comedy comic book mini-series penned by the writer of the Rick and Morty comic. The first issue was released at the beginning of August.

Previously, the publisher had explored the roleplaying genre by bringing across acclaimed western comic series The Sixth Gun to the Savage Worlds RPG system in 2015.


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