Sci-fi Wargaming freebies from Mantic and a virtual Adeptecon

27 March 2020
Kings of War creators release free rules, solo modes, and a novel to keep us entertained

Following on from our big list of lockdown deals, which you can find here, we’d like to update with some specifics from Mantic. In this case it’s a new digital rules update for Project Pandora for use with Deadzone miniatures, a Warpath novel and a Deadzone solo-mode campaign. It’s all free, so what excuse do you have for not dusting off your Deadzone minis?


Project Pandora updated rules

Project Pandora: Grim Cargo uses the Star Saga core game, GCPS troopers and Veer-myn (geddit?) nightcrawlers. And the updated digital rules are now completely free.


Warpath: First Strike novel

Get into the backstory of Deadzone campaigns with First Strike. Here’s the blurb “When a backwater world is invaded by ruthless aliens, the Drakenhof Corporation’s best marines are sent to repel them. But they are not the only interested parties, and the Council has also sent Lieutenant Commander Roca of the Enforcers to investigate. Why has Acreon been targeted by the Veer-myn? And what secrets are hidden beneath the planet’s surface that, if uncovered, could threaten the stability of the galaxy itself?”


Deadzone: Nexus Psi

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Jump into the thrilling solo campaign found in this expansion. There’s two campaigns in the book, the first against an army of zombies called “artificial stupidity” and the second looks to dig deeper and find out where the plague initially came from.


Mantic promise more to come.


Virtual Adepticon 2020


This weekend would also have been Adepticon, if certain events hadn’t ruined much of our good fun (see: Salute Cancelled). Instead, Mantic are running a “virtual Adepticon” – you can tune in at 6pm here to keep up with Mantic announcements.


And on Sunday, Mantic have promised a Kings of War 2020 announcement at 6pm GMT. Get read for that here, and set a reminder on Youtube not to miss it!



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