Sanctum might be Diablo for your tabletop, and it's out now

25 February 2020
Hack-and-slash your way, figuratively, to your local game store

Filip Neduk’s Sanctum is now available. With strong Diablo II vibes, Sanctum is a kind of homage to hack-and-slash RPG video games.


Much like the video game counterparts, sanctum asks you to take you unique hero into the depths of the fallen city of Sanctum to purify it. It’s probably going to take a bit more than a bottle of Febreze.


The game promises fast levelling up for a satisfying power curve that will ensure you’re equipped when it comes to face down the Demon Lord.


It’s a semi-competitive game. Not in the sense that you’ll actually be engaging in PvP action, but more that being at the front of your particular gaggle of adventurers means you’ll have first dibs on weapons and interactions.


Much like Diablo, Sanctum quickly asks you to stop seeing your enemies as something difficult to overcome, but instead as walking sacks of experience points and equipment. Heroes will be racing on to engage the enemy and drain them of all their levelling-up goodness. Loot cards are literally on the back of monster cards, so it’s hard to argue we’re meant to see them as anything else other than a kind of fleshy hold-all full of magical weapons.

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Czech Games has also offered up a trailer for the Huntress character:



The huntress is one of the four possible characters you can take on your adventure.


Victory against your fellow adventurers is not measured by what you gather, but more in what you don’t lose. The winner is the one with the most health left once the Demon Lord is defeated.


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