Salute 2021 in Pictures

15 November 2021
One of the biggest Wargames shows in the country is finally back.

This weekend saw the return of Salute, following a covid-related break last year. The event took place at the ExCel Centre in London and was run by the South London Warlords. You can look forward to a full write up on the show in the next issue of Miniature Wargames Magazine, but for now, we offer just a few of the photos taken by Editor John Treadaway to allow you to enjoy the show, whether you were there in person or not!

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Wellington At Bay – Battle of Villamuriel 1812 by Caseshot Publishing


Very British Civil War by The London Wargames Guild


UFO by the South London Warlords


The Battle of Poltava by The Wyre Forest gamers.


Stanbograd - Stalingrad close up - by Loughton Strike Force - prize winner


Retreat from Dnieper  by Grimsby Wargamers


Panzer Lehr Counter Attacks - July 1944 by Anschluss Wargames


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Moonstone by Goblin King games


Free Mexico by Chris Swan and team


Bolt Action by Warlord Games


Blood Red Skies by Warlord Games


Biggles and the Island at the top of the world - by Maidstone Wargames society - prize winner


Battle of Britain by the South London Warlords


Aliens 1-20th scale by the Essex Warriors 


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