S. P. Hansen Games Announces Mahola Crowdfunding Campaign

20 January 2016
mahola-14931.jpg Mahola
Card game themed around the beautiful dances of the Native American culture

Dallas based S.P.Hansen Games announced today their upcoming crowdfunding campaign for Mahola, a lively and engaging card game for 3 to 4 players themed around the beautiful dances of the Native American culture. The Kickstarter campaign will begin on January 26, 2016 and run for 30 days.

The four most powerful and respected members of the tribe, the Chief, Shaman, Hunter and Maiden, have come together, each seeking the favor of the Great Spirit. To win that favor, the four must each perform a ritual dance, with the best dance earning the desired favor.

Each player is dealt a character, whose identity is kept hidden from the other players. They are then dealt 5 dance cards. A turn consists of playing one dance card to the tableau, one passed right and one passed left. Players take the passed cards into their hands and draw one more to bring their hand back up to 5. Play continues until 5 dance cards have been played to the tableau.

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“Mahola’s game play is simultaneous and very lively,” said Scott Hansen, the game’s designer. “Players play and pass cards at the same time, leaving almost zero down time. A full game typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. It’s very portable and can be played in practically every situation. It’s the perfect filler game.”

Mahola is the company’s second game to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The first, Posse: Wild West Justice successfully funded in September of 2015 with fulfillment completed in December of 2015. Posse raised 158% of its goal and has been highly acclaimed by its backers.

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