Runebound is getting co-op and solo modes thanks to a new expansion

13 April 2017
rb06_sample-42522.png Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds
Unbreakable Bonds includes five solo and co-op scenarios, plus new characters, skills, twists and combat boards

Fantasy Flight’s Runewars Miniatures Game is out today, but that’s not the only big news for the world of Terrinoth, as its shared-universe adventure game Runebound is getting a major new expansion.

Unbreakable Bonds’ headline feature is the introduction of fully co-operative play, allowing you to play five scenarios while working together with – rather than against – your fellow humans.

The five co-op scenarios include the three missions form the core set, with co-op scenario cards included in the box, plus Caught in a Web and two new adventures introduced in Unbreakable Bonds: The Locust Swarm and The Red Death. The two new scenarios are said to be different from previous adventures in that players will need to work together to complete them.

What’s more, all five of the scenarios can also now be played solo. That’s right – you can either go against your friends, with your friends or just simply do it all yourself if you’re sick of them.

When playing co-op, players can form a party by moving onto the same space, which then allows them to move all heroes as a single group and learn new party skills.

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Unbreakable Bonds also adds in four combat boards, which are defined by an enemy’s traits as either a warrior, mystic, savage or trickster. While fighting an enemy in co-op or solo play, the tokens are cast and sorted onto the board, before being resolved in order to shake up battles with monsters.

Meanwhile, for competitive games, there are two new characters, as well as 20 assets, 30 skills and 10 twist cards new to the game.

It sounds like a pretty packed set for the game, and it’ll be out sometime this autumn priced at $40 (£32).


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