RPG Pathfinder is getting its own collectible card game on mobile

30 May 2017
OWD29004-49293.jpg Rise of the Runelords
App based on Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path due for September launch

Pathfinder might be blasting off in August with the release of sci-fi sequel Starfinder, but that doesn’t mean the fantasy roleplaying game is being left behind completely.

Publisher Paizo has announced that it is working with video game outlet 37Games to create a collectible card game based on the RPG due out later this year.

The first digital CCG set in the Pathfinder universe, Pathfinder Duels is built around the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path that similarly inspired the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Details of gameplay are thin on the floor, but it is confirmed that players will be able to create decks with Pathfinder characters and battle them competitively, rather than working together as a group.

There’s also mention of a simultaneous turn mechanic that project director Allen Huang said turns the title into “a game of speed and wits”.

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“One must always be guessing the opponent’s next move and coming up with new, unique strategies to prevail,” he added. “We guarantee you haven’t seen this in any other CCG."

As an interesting side note, Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens previously helped create the original iteration of Magic: The Gathering in the early 1990s, potentially hinting at the game’s card-battling mechanics.

Pathfinder Duels is currently said to be in the early stages of development, with release planned for this September.


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