RPG graphic designer and writer Jeff Mackintosh has passed away

06 October 2016
JeffMackintosh(2)-19455.jpg Mackintosh was diagnosed with the incurable form of brain cancer in 2014
Mackintosh worked on games including Big Eyes, Small Mouths and Silver Age Sentinels

Very sad news: Jeff Mackintosh, the graphic designer and writer of numerous RPG titles, has died.

Following a stint at Providence publisher XID Creative, Mackintosh joined Canadian publisher Guardians of Order in 1999 in order to head up design on the full-colour second edition of anime-inspired RPG Big Eyes, Small Mouths.

He later transitioned into writing, helping with the creation of material for Silver Age Sentinels and Heaven & Earth.

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Mackintosh’s battle against the Glioblastoma Multiforme form of incurable brain cancer he had been diagnosed with in 2014 made headlines following his wish to see the last concert of The Tragically Hip, as the band’s lead singer Gord Downie had similarly been diagnosed with the little-known disease.

Mackintosh’s wish was granted, as he saw The Tragically Hip perform on August 20th, before being told one week later than the cancer had spread from his brain to the rest of his body. He passed away on September 23rd, aged 45.

Following the news, fellow writer and game designer Robin D. Laws announced that several tabletop publishers would rename characters in their upcoming titles to commemorate Mackintosh, including Pelgrane Press’ Cthulhu Confidential.


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