RPG app Roll20 is getting official Pathfinder and Starfinder support

01 March 2018
Pathfinder_WftC1_Preview_Screen_004-22304.jpg Pathfinder in Roll20
First Adventure Path instalment and character sheet out later this month

PC and mobile roleplaying toolkit Roll20 is getting official support for two of the most popular RPGs around: Pathfinder and Starfinder.

The free-to-use app, which can be loaded in a web browser or on iOS and Android, lets GMs and their players run campaigns online, tracking their characters, resolving encounters and exploring a virtual map hidden by fog of war. There’s other handy features as well, including voice chat and even video streaming.

Players can create their own custom content, but a library of licensed books, adventures and more is also available, including elements from games such as Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition.

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Now Paizo has become the latest publisher to jump on board, announcing its plans to bring out an official character sheet and adventures for Pathfinder starting later this month. Users who subscribe to Roll20’s Pro service will be able to access an early preview from March 6th, but it’ll be available for all subscribers on March 22nd.

A Pathfinder Adventure Path, War for the Crown, will also kick off on the 22nd, debuting the first chapter, Crownfall, in a campaign for first-level characters. The set includes NPCs, creatures and ready-made player characters, plus four maps and two overland maps. Crownfall will cost $28 and will later be expanded with the rest of the Adventure Path.

As well as the War for the Crown series, Roll20 has confirmed that it will bring Pathfinder’s monster-filled Bestiary out later in 2018, as well as support for its sci-fi spin-off Starfinder, which was released last year.


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