Roll20 lets you play Call of Cthulhu Online

18 December 2019
Yet another way that the internet will effect your sanity

The popular online roleplaying platform, Roll20, has just launched Call of Cthulhu compatibility. This is particularly good news for those of us who want to go mad with our friends over the holidays, but might not all be in one place (because instead everyone is going mad with their families).


The new set up covers everything you need to play Call of Cthulhu online, assuming you have skype set up and some friends.


Roll20 boasts the following features:

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  • Full Compendium: including rules, combat and investigator creation
  • 30+ NPCs and Monsters: with roll tables, macros and pre-generated characters
  • 6 Maps: including non-euclidean geometry (okay, maybe not, but does include dynamic lighting for pro-subscribers!)
  • Stat blocks: for monsters, deities, horrors and beasts
  • Over 100 spells and 700 items: that’s a lot of stuff to drop in terror when an ancient squid crawls out of the mouth of the previously friendly-but-weird guest house landlady!
  • Two Scenarios: To get you started Roll20 have included Amidst the Ancient Trees and Crimson Letters


The rulebook is available right now for $54.99 (£42 at the time of writing).


Call of Cthulhu joins the recently released (and reviewed, Tabletop Gaming issue 37) Eberron: Rising from the Last War on Roll20.



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