Roll for the Galaxy is racing onto PC and mobile

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18 September 2017
pic1473629-06218.jpg Roll for the Galaxy
Dice-roller will feature same Keldon Jones neural network AI as Race for the Galaxy

It finally happened with Race for the Galaxy; now, Roll for the Galaxy will colonise the digital world, too.

Temple Gates Games, the studio behind the mobile and PC versions of Tom Lehmann’s original space empire-building card game, has confirmed that it is developing a port of its dice-rolling follow-up for iOS, Android and PC via Steam.

In Roll, players, erm, roll dice to advance technology, settle worlds and trade goods around the universe, aiming to become the most prosperous civilisation in the galaxy.

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Details on the incoming app are thin on the ground, but Temple Gates has said that Roll for the Galaxy will feature a new neural network AI created by Keldon Jones, whose acclaimed system for simulating computer opponents was used in Race for the Galaxy.

There’s no release date yet, but a beta is said to be due to launch in the future, with sign-ups open on the Temple Gates site.


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