Richard Garfield is working on a co-operative King of Tokyo game

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04 October 2017
pandakai-61603.jpg King of Tokyo
Announcement teased for end of October

King of Tokyo is one of the best easy-going games around, a delightful dice-rolling evolution of Yahtzee that pits towering King Kong and Godzilla-esque monsters against each other in a battle for domination of the Japanese capital.

The 2011 favourite was updated with a US-set sequel, King of New York, a few years ago, and has been pumped up further with a couple of expansions, including a Halloween-themed pack and the Power Up! set of evolution cards.

Now, it sounds like King of Tokyo will be heading to new shores with a co-operative spin-off designed by series creator (and Magic: The Gathering guru) Richard Garfield.

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Speaking to Geeks Under Grace, Garfield revealed that he has been developing a co-op version of King of Tokyo where players’ monsters are instead working together to defeat an alien invader.

There are no other details as to what the gameplay might consist of, but we’d hazard a guess it involves rolling handfuls of dice and cashing in the results for health, energy and attack power, just as in the original.

Iello has since confirmed the currently untitled project, hinting at an announcement towards the end of October. Consider us intrigued.


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