Revised Core Set For Arkham Horror: The Card Game

25 June 2021
Those who own it already need not apply

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is one which lives as a staple for tabletop gaming in general. Great for solo gaming, it pulls no punches, but offers a huge world to explore and conquer, with new expansions released frequently. 

The core set is one that many may be familiar with, and has now been confirmed to be receiving a revamp. Though it may not appeal to veterans of the game as a necessary re-purchase, it will offer a new and shinier entry into the game for newcomers. 

That's as the difference in what you receive is mostly minor or quality of lifestyle upgrades. 

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"To be honest, nothing about the game itself has changed. This is still the same Arkham Horror: The Card Game that many have come to know and love over the past five years, and none of the cards included in the Revised Core Set are new to the game. The rules are the same, the campaign is the same, the experience is the same. Even the cards are mostly the same, with the only difference being the inclusion of a handful of higher-level cards from some of the game’s earlier expansions to give newer players more options when spending experience." Fantasy Flight confirmed within its announcement. 

The differences instead, include that there is now a full playset of cards to allow for up to four players to partake (previously it was only two), the contents have received an organisational upgrade to improve the ease of finding specific cards, and the investigators are packed alongside the cards in the suggested starting deck, and scenarios are now packaged separately, so you just need to shuffle the decks to begin. Plus, there are new numbered resources and clue/threat tokens, as well as a lead investigator token. 


The revised edition will release in October of 2021, so check in with your Friendly Local Game Store for more details, or head to the Fantasy Flight website. 


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