Rebuild London’s tube map in the remastered edition of On the Underground

02 July 2019
on-the-underground-90407.jpg On the Underground
And then tackle Berlin’s U-Bahn

Reckon you could do a better job of organising London’s network of tubes? In On the Underground, you’ll get your chance.

Sebastian Bleasdale’s Ticket to Ride-like game of connecting up destinations with chains of trains first came out in 2006. Each player took control of several of London’s iconic tube lines, placing pieces to hook up stations and tourist hotspots while also trying to attract a single passenger on the board to use their routes by offering the fastest journey between locations. 

The players could branch out from routes, create circular lines and terminus stations to score extra points, and complete other objectives to prove they’re the top tube-builder in London.

The remastered version of On the Underground is the first version of the game to be widely available in print for a number of years, updating the game with overhauled visuals and gameplay improvements – including revising the tube map of London to reflect the last 13 years of transport changes in the city.

New to the game is a second map depicting the travel network of Berlin’s U-Bahn, which offers a different pace of game with more landmark tiles (divided into culture, government, retail, education and sports) for players to link up with trains.

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The game is currently up on Kickstarter, where it’s quickly tripled its £10,000 goal.

As part of the crowdfunding campaign, new publisher LudiCreations is offering a Deluxe Edition that includes a selection of passenger tokens, including a wheelchair user, pregnant person and ‘elderly’ walking stick-user. The $49 deluxe set also adds wooden destination tokens for both cities, modelled after London’s Big Ben and Berlin’s Fernsehturm landmarks, plus a slip case. (The $39 basic set has a standard passenger pawn and cylinders to mark destinations.)

The new edition of On the Underground is planned to arrive with backers of the campaign this December, and will be followed by a future retail release in shops.


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