Race for the Galaxy will settle the mobile planets of iOS and Android next month

11 April 2017
2Screenshot2208x1242-09307.png Race for the Galaxy
Digital version includes famous neural network AI developed by Keldon Jones

There’s been a veritable slew of fantastic tabletop games making their way to phones, tablets and PC in the last few months, and it looks like the prosperous bounty will continue with one of the best-loved card games around: Race for the Galaxy.

Tom Lehmann’s iconic title of galactic expansion turns ten years old this year, and studio Temple Gates Games has taken on the task of bringing the strategic favourite to iOS and Android.

Race for the Galaxy on mobile will feature online multiplayer for the full two to four player count, including options for both asynchronous and real-time modes.

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There’s the chance to play against computer opponents, but these are not your typical virtual rivals – Temple Gates has teamed up with Keldon Jones to include the researcher’s famous artificial intelligence for the game, which was originally created as a project to test neural networks.

The base game will include five starting worlds, plus 90 settlement and development cards. However, there will also be a free New Worlds promo pack thrown in, including six starting planets, as well as the option to pick up the Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium expansions from launch.

Race for the Galaxy will be $6.99 on the iOS App Store and Google Play, meaning it’ll likely be around £5.99 over in the UK.

Release is planned for May 3rd, but you can get in early by signing up for the beta, which begins on April 12th.


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