Race for the Galaxy reportedly sets a course for PC later this month

09 June 2017
2Screenshot2208x1242-94092.png Race for the Galaxy
Tom Lehmann’s sci-fi favourite arrived on mobile last month

After settling the planets of iOS and Android last month, Race for the Galaxy has put the PC in its sights.

That’s the claim from Stately Play, which reports that Tom Lehmann’s ever-popular sci-fi card game will arrive on digital marketplace Steam on June 27th.

Developed by Temple Gate Games, Race for the Galaxy’s digital version includes both asynchronous and real-time online multiplayer, plus the iconic artificial intelligence for computer opponents created by Keldon Jones.

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On mobile, the base Race for the Galaxy app includes five starting worlds and 90 settlement and development cards, with further expansions available through micro-transactions. It’s unclear how much the PC version will cost and what extra content it may include.

The launch will coincide with updates to the iOS and Android apps, introducing supporting for cross-platform transferral of saved games – allowing you to continue a game on a different device to the one on which you started it using a universal user ID – stat tracking and the option of timers to speed up multiplayer matches.


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