Race for the Galaxy is out on PC today

27 June 2017
dev3-97680.png Race for the Galaxy
Mobile app recently updated with cross-device support, extra stats and multiplayer fixes

It’s time to race to your PC, because Race for the Galaxy is hitting Steam today!

Tom Lehmann’s beloved card game about building the biggest empire in the galaxy came out on mobile a few weeks back, and the PC version has been getting its finishing touches from developer Temple Gate Games since.

Out today (June 27th), the desktop port includes the additional features and fixes recently applied to the iOS and Android apps, such as the ability to sync data and games between devices, an expanded list of stats and better multiplayer support, including optional timers and a bigger list of simultaneous games. Localisation support is still being worked on, and is currently in beta.

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PC players can play cross-platform with mobile opponents, with two to four rivals supported.

There’s also the option to take on the computer-controlled AI powered by Keldon Jones’ iconic neural network.

The base game is £6.99 – the same price as on mobile – and includes five starting worlds and 90 settlement and development cards. Included is the New World promo pack, with six extra starting planets.

The game’s Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium expansions are available out of the gate as micro-transactions, costing £3.99 apiece.


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