Quadropolis’ first big expansion will do your tabletop a Public Service

01 February 2017
pic3383419_lg-98200.png Quadropolis: Public Services
Add-on brings 24 building tiles and four helpers to Days of Wonder’s city-building tile-layer

Days of Wonder’s charming city-building tile placement title Quadropolis is getting its first major expansion, and it looks to be a doozy.

Quadropolis: Public Services, as you might guess by the name, adds 24 building tiles to the game, all of which are new public services, such as a police station, reprocessing plant and maternity ward.

Each of the tiles has a gameplay bonus and special scoring benefits, with a handful of cards revealed face-up next to the board at the start of each round.

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Completing the expansion’s offering are four new helpers and - surprise - a rulebook to cover the new mechanics.

Public Services is due out in April and will cost €13 in Europe – so likely around £12 here in the UK.


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