Prepare to riddle with a giant squid, ghosts and pirates in Unlock!'s next set of escape-the-room puzzles

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19 May 2017
DAHib7qVoAMCo7j-28007.png Unlock!: Mystery Adventures
Mystery Adventures due out later this year

Space Cowboys’ app-powered escape-the-room series Unlock! is charging ahead, with a brand new box of puzzles arriving later this year.

The first set, subtitled Escape Adventures, launched a few months back and has been generally well-received (you’ll be able to read our own thoughts in the next issue of Tabletop Gaming, out June 1st), despite raising a few eyebrows with its mix of physical decks of cards and clues and solutions on a smartphone screen.

Like Escape Adventures, upcoming standalone Mystery Adventures will feature a trilogy of rooms to riddle your way out of.

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If the box art – posted to Twitter by No Pun Included – is anything to go by, the three new scenarios will include a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-style clash between a submarine and giant squid, what looks like a haunted house (or even a Lovecraftian Mansion of Madness, perhaps?) and a pirate ship: parrot, gold and all.

It’s likely that the Mystery Adventures box will stick to the same format as Escape Adventures, offering three decks of cards that are used with the app to play through each scenario with an hour-long timer.

Responding to comments on Facebook, Space Cowboys suggested that Unlock!: Mystery Adventures will be released this autumn.


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