Post Malone pays $2m for Magic: The Gathering 'One Ring' card

07 August 2023
Toronto retail worker who found the one of a kind Magic: The Gathering 'One Ring' card is now $2 million (£1.57m) richer for it - having sold it to the celebrity rapper Post Malone.

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The now named retailer worker, Brook Trafton from Toronto Canada, made the discovery of a lifetime when he found the rare collectable Magic: The Gathering (MTG) 'One Ring' card, following the release of a cross-over set with JRR Tolkien's beloved fantasy series. 

Magic the Gathering One Ring (Courtesy of Carli Posner/Notable Group)

(Image Courtesy of Carli Posner/Notable Group)

Proof the card's authenticity was later confirmed via the grading company PSA, which posted an image of the card on the 30th June 2023, before being given a certification grading of Mint 9. 

In an interview with the BBC, Mr. Trafton said that, as a lifetime player of the game, it was a "childhood dream" come true to have found the 'golden ticket' collectible. "I was overwhelmed with joy and emotion," he says. "How can someone like me actually find something so astronomical?"

He went on to explain that when he called the store he purchased the lucky expansion pack from to ask how to verify its authenticity, they hung up on him, believing it to be a prank. However, knowing plenty of people would gladly get their hands on the valuable prize, Brook made sure to put the card somewhere safe. No, not in the depths of the Misty Mountains, but a bank.

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"I called around to every bank I could get a hold of to find a spot within like a half hour" he says, before wisely seeking a lawyer. "I find it was even crazier than the lottery," he continued in his interview. "I wanted to tell everyone, but I couldn't. I had to keep it a secret. I didn't even tell my dad."

Soon after word got out of its discovery, offers poured in from around the globe to purchase 'the one ring to rule them all', but Trafton never expected that it would be American rapper and singer, Post Malone, who would take home the precious card.

Post Malone is a known enthusiast of the fantasy game. The singer, who's real name is Austin Richard Post, has previously spent $800,000 on the highly sought after Black Lotus card, as well as making appearances in collaborations with the game’s creator, Wizards of the Coast. He has since stepped his fandom up a notch, getting featured in his very own card, before making this now extravagant purchase. 

The thought of selling a card to the American rapper had actually occurred to Mr. Trafton when he struck lucky, and what was meant to just be a backstage meet-and-greet suddenly turned into an "unexpected" sale. When Post Malone started asking what the current bid price was, he quickly made an offer which caught Brook by surprise.

The pair shook on the deal before celebrating with a beer on what was the day before Brook Trafton's 37th birthday. "It was so magical," Mr. Trafton says. "I'm not going to lie. I cried a little bit. I cried a lot." he told the BBC. For $2 million, we absolutely would have too, Brook. 

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