Post-Brexit RPG zine Shadow of Mogg hits Kickstarter

02 March 2020
Keep Calm and Don't Think About The Event!

“A post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set in the London underground following a catastrophic occurrence known only as ‘The Event’” So far so boring, though the little nod to That Mitchell and Webb Look is well appreciated. Read on a little further in this last minute ZineQuest entry though and the true beauty comes to light. Shadow of Mogg is a post-Brexit OSR tunnel crawl where you can play as the Chief Executive of RBS. Fantastic!


As zines usually only have a few dozen pages, Shadow of Mogg doesn’t have much room to faff about but it is claiming to have a map of the underground, tools for generating events/NPCs/underground stations and encounters. And, as is fitting of an issue rooted in classism, classes are one of the key focuses of which the zine claims to have 37 of the blighters ranging from firefighter, baker, nurse, or time traveller. 


The satire runs deep in Shadow of Mogg as even the main resolution mechanic revolves around voting which the designer says will “test the limits of democracy”. And we would be liars if we said the idea of crawling around the sewers doing our worst impressions of bankers failing to come to an agreement doesn’t amuse us greatly.

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The game digs into some potentially grim stuff as the Kickstarter page gets onto “mob rule democracy, the frailty of hope, and the banality of evil”. Which might hit a little too close to home for some of us. Time will tell whether Shadow of Mogg plays more as Paranoia or This War Of Mine. Who knows, maybe this will help prepare us for ‘The Event’.


The Shadow of Mogg Kickstarter campaign has 10 days left at time of writing and has already gathered more than double its goal.


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