Portal details changes for Robinson Crusoe re-release

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20 September 2016
www.portalgames.pl-robinson-crusoe--adventures-on-the-cursed-island-279-13445.jpg The new box
New box, extra scenario, improved components and a rulebook that ‘explains everything’ among additions to survival title
Portal details changes for Robinson Crusoe re-release Images

Ahead of its re-release of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island in November, Portal has revealed some of the bigger tweaks coming to Ignacy Trzewiczek’s epic survival game.

The changes start with the box, which has been changed into a more conventional square box as opposed to the 2013 release’s ‘coffin’ packaging.

Inside, the first player token has been made ‘fancy’, becoming a circular compass piece. Similarly, the character sheets are now made of thicker cardboard, for better durability, and the discovery tokens have been changed from their original ‘simple’ design to a more thematic look with names.

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The wooden pieces have been diversified, with the original cubes changed into more fitting shapes for their resources – including bananas, hides and bricks. The wooden pawns now include stickers, for a further aesthetic bump.

The gameplay has also been expanded, with an extra scenario bringing the total number of missions to seven.

Finally, the rulebook has been rewritten and refined – as Portal puts it, the old instructions used to ‘explain nothing’, while the new sheet ‘explains everything’.


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