PolyHero Cleric Dice Set: Live On Kickstarter Now

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01 February 2021
Rollin', rollin'

If the cleric in your party feels a bit taken for granted, and deserves a treat, there's nothing better than this set of class specific dice. 

Visit the PolyHero Cleric Dice Set Kickstarter to snap up a set, or a combination of sets including new runs of the Rogue and Wizard dice sets.

Join Chris and Charlie to explore these astonishingly cool dice from PolyHero. Designed to be played with Dungeons & Dragons (although, they work in nearly any RPG, we've tested them!) each set offers a weird and wonderful set of dice shapes designed for your class.



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This is a paid video for PolyHero Dice.These are factory samples, so they may display some minor abnormalities – we think they're really good anyway!

See more from PolyHero on their websiteFacebook, and Twitter.



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