Pokemon Pop! Vinyl From Funko Available in Europe for the First Time

16 September 2020
I choose you!

A nice piece of news today, whereby Funko Europe has teamed up with the Pokemon Company Internation for a first European Collaboration, starting with two of the worlds most popular Pokemon... (Insert here your favourite Pokemon and see if yours will be the one chosen!)


Pikachu and Bulbasaur!

And if your favourite isn't one of those two, it's not to worry as there'll be way more additions coming in 2021, so it's another opportunity to catch 'em all. 


Pokemon spans the world and is a huge franchise, so it's nice to see it come to the Funko's just as a fun addition. As for Funko, their Pop! Vinyl figures have become a regular sight in the hobby market, as it spans so many entertainment licenses, and are recognisable if for nothing else, by the oversized heads. 


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Mathieu Galante, Licensing Director at The Pokémon Company International (EMEA) added, “Both Pokémon and Funko are iconic pop culture brands and as such are thrilled that this collaboration will, for the first time, provide fans across Europe the opportunity to add a new dimension to their Pokémon experience.”


As for what you can expect, the initial October launch will consist of Pikachu 4'' Pop! Vinyl, a Pikachu 10'' Pop! Vinyl, a Bulbasaur 4'' Pop! Vinyl and a Bulbasaur 10'' Pop! Vinyl, so you can add just the right one to your collection (or both sizes - or all four of them?). 



There are a number of retailers who will host these, with the European retailer for the UK being Smyths Toys Superstores, so you can pick up a few extra cards while you pick up your brand new companion. 



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