Play Liar’s Dice with pirates of the Caribbean in Perudo’s swashbuckling mobile app

20 December 2018
perudo-mobile-76359.png Perudo mobile
Welcome to the crew, lad

If you’re a player of a very, very certain age, you might have discovered the age-old game of Liar’s Dice through its pivotal appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, where Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner plays Davy Jones himself for the key to the treasure chest containing his heart.

Though you’ll have to do your own impression of Bill Nighy’s Flying Dutchman cap’n and cover your face in octopus tentacles (do not do this) to properly relive that scene, you can at least roll dice with pirates tentacle-free in the new mobile app for Perudo – aka Liar’s Dice.

The iOS and Android version of the game includes a single-player adventure mode against computer-controlled swashbucklers that involves journeying across a map, as well as local pass-and-play multiplayer and online modes for up to six people.

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As in the traditional game, you roll five dice and keep their result to yourself, trying to guess how many faces of a certain number there are shared between all players. The bids raise until someone is challenged – whoever’s wrong loses a die, and the last person left in wins.

The app costs a couple of quid, and includes customisation options for your own pirate player, the cup beneath which they hide their dice and the fated cubes lurking within.

There’s even a story – though, honestly, we feel like the narrative potential of Perudo peaked with Pirates of the Caribbean.


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