Plaid Hat reveals two new deluxe expansions for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

02 March 2017
WebArt-ASH17Q1-Tuckboxes-71603.jpg Ashes deluxe expansions
The Law of Lions and The Song of Soaksend include new dice and storage boxes

Plaid Hat’s expandable card game Ashes has sprung back into life after going quiet following the publisher’s acquisition by Asmodee, with the announcement of two new expansions for the title.

The Laws of Lions and The Song of Soaksend introduce the armour-clad warrior Odlette Diamondcrest and magic-wielding Namine, respectively.

As well as new cards for each character, 10 dice come stashed in the box, including two new types of magic: green sympathy dice and white divine dice.

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The deluxe sets also come equipped with ready-to-roll storage boxes, with space for cards, dice and tokens.

Both packs are due for release in late spring or early summer, designer Isaac Vegas confirmed, alongside a second organised play kit containing materials for four tournaments.

Vegas also took the opportunity to reiterate the improving treatment of Ashes going forwards, after Plaid Hat founder Colby Dauch apologised last year for continuing supply issues (especially over here in Europe, where the game remains tough to find), delays and lack of support for organised play.

“We at Plaid Hat Games, with the help of Asmodee, are committed to doing everything we can to make Ashes a strong and healthy community supported game,” Vegas wrote. “Thank you to all of you that have stuck with us though this dry spell. And please know that we are paying attention and listening to your concerns. It takes some time to discuss these concerns internally and figure out a game plan to tackle such problems as best we can.”


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