Plaid Hat releases Mice and Mystics' ‘Lost Chapters’ for free

07 February 2017
mice-and-mystics-46271.jpg Mice and Mystics
Three extra digital scenarios up for grabs

Mice and Mystics publisher Plaid Hat has made three extra scenarios for the co-op adventure title free to download.

Known collectively as the ‘Lost Chapters’, the Cats Cradle, Ghost of Castle Adnon and Portents of Importance missions slot into the existing story of the game and include new plot points, artwork and components.

The trio of chapters were previously available for sale on Plaid Hat’s site, but can now be downloaded in a digital form for the price of nothing.

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You’ll need the Sorrow and Remembrance base set to play all three scenarios, with Portents of Importance also requiring the Tail Feathers and Downwood Tales expansions.

Head over to the Plaid Hat site to grab the Mice and Mystics Lost Chapters.


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