Pick up the August issue of Tabletop Gaming today to find Pathfinder: Second Edition, Western Legends and an exclusive Guild Ball art card!

31 July 2018
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The summer's hottest board, roleplaying and miniatures games played and reviewed!
Pick up the August issue of Tabletop Gaming today to find Pathfinder: Second Edition, Western Legends and an exclusive Guild Ball art card! Images

It's the hottest day of the year! At least, it is if you're a gamer, with the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming arriving on shelves today stuffed full of the biggest and best games of the summer.

You can grab the August issue through our online store to get it delivered anywhere in the UK for free or find it in your local newsagent, hobby store or supermarket (find your local shop here). To make sure you're among the first to check out the mag each month, why not take the easiest and cheapest option and subscribe?

Leading August's issue is the summer’s hottest release – the second edition of massive fantasy RPG Pathfinder, which takes pride of place on our cover. Inside, you’ll find an exclusive interview with lead designer Jason Bulmahn about the difference a decade has made to the game and how it plans to keep up with Dungeons & Dragons.

Also on the cover of the physical mag you’ll find a Guild Ball character card featuring alternative art for Windfinder from the sports miniatures game’s brand new Navigator’s Guild, free for readers and 100% exclusive to Tabletop Gaming. Simply introduce the card into your next match to show off your allegiance to the guild and ensure your team stands out on the pitch.

With the summer heat continuing, there’s no better time to dive into our preview of Western Legends, the Wild West sandbox that lets you rewrite history and make yourself a gunslinging icon. We saddle up with the game’s creators to take a ride through its incredible open-world adventure.

Speaking of the summer, if you’re headed off on holiday this summer, don’t miss our essential tips on which games to pack and how to help your cardboard survive the baking heat or a dip in the pool in our Gamer’s Travel Guide.

Make sure you’re helping keep those environments as beautiful as can be by minimising the environmental impact of your gaming, too; in an in-depth look at the use of plastic in games, we explore eco-friendly alternatives to the wonder material and learn how game makers are doing what they can to ensure playing doesn’t come at a price.

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Leaving Earth and heading into the stars, we speak with legendary wargame designer Richard Borg about his sci-fi successor to the historical Commands & Colors strategy series, Red Alert, as he reveals the space-age advancements in store for players and his plans for galactic domination.

And for those looking for games to fill the school holidays with, look no further than My Little Scythe, the adorable reimagining of strategy smash hit Scythe created by a father and daughter. They show us around their magical world

That’s just the tip of the fast-melting iceberg in Tabletop Gaming’s August issue, including reviews of the summer games you should (and shouldn’t) be playing. Crack open the latest magazine to find our thoughts on:

  • Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Soul Wars
  • Starship Samurai
  • Call of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep
  • Lowlands
  • Black Orchestra
  • Gretchinz!
  • Raids
  • The Grimm Forest
  • Princess Jing
  • Endless Pass: A Viking Saga
  • Banquet Royal
  • Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares
  • A Tale of Pirates
  • Micropolis
  • Hannibal & Hamilcar
  • When in Rome
  • Star Wars: Han Solo Card Game
  • Genesys: Realms of Terrinoth
  • Marvel Contest of Champions: Battlerealm
  • Robit Riddle: Storybook Adventures
  • Plus much more!

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