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30 November 2021
A whole new (old) world awaits

Whilst the printing of Paizo books has always been held with Paizo, it's subject to the same downsides you experience with any of this nature – namely, how do you pick up a book once it's gone out of print?

However, now Paizo has this covered, with printing services of current and previous titles being available through Drive Thru RPG, setting you up perfectly for your next adventure. 

"We’ve been publishing Pathfinder books since 2007 (the first of which didn’t even use the Pathfinder branding). Over the nearly 15 years since GameMastery Module D-0: Hollow’s Last Hope came out, many titles have gone out of print. While they’re available as PDFs on paizo.com in perpetuity, for a lot of fans, those books that came and went before they started playing are something like holy grails for their collections." Mark Moreland wrote in the Piazo announcement. 

"I’m happy to announce that as of last week, Paizo has partnered with DriveThruRPG, hosts of the Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite community content programs, to offer print-on-demand versions of select out-of-print titles. We’ve got 10 titles up currently, including The Emerald Spire Superdungeon and Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting (both in your choice of soft- or hardcover versions); missing volumes of the Council of ThievesReign of Winter, and Return of the Runelords Adventure Paths; Pathfinder Campaign Setting favorites Paths of PrestigeTechnology Guide, and The Worldwound; and both We Be Goblins! and We Be Goblins Too!"

He confirms that the versions differ from the originals, only with the inside covers that have been printed as additional pages in the books interiors, and are available as softcovers. 

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In addition, there was confirmation of more titles in the works, so if you have a Paizo favourite you want to see back available for purchase, it's worth letting Paizo know!

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