Phenomenal strategy epic Through the Ages is finally out on mobile

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15 September 2017
screen_full5-08879.jpg Through the Ages
Vlaada Chvátil’s civilisation-building masterpiece delayed at the last moment

Through the Ages, the civilisation-building epic from Codenames and Galaxy Trucker designer Vlaada Chvátil considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time, can now be played on your phone.

After months of anticipation, publisher Czech Games Edition has released the iOS and Android versions of the board game for mobile. The launch happened despite a last-minute delay on the Apple App Store after the app was initially rejected for incompatibility with Chinese characters, despite being available only in the English and Czech languages

Through the Ages costs £9 on Android and £10 on iOS, and includes a tutorial, online multiplayer with in-game chat, local modes against computer players of various difficulties and single-player challenges focused on different areas of the game.

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While the original multi-hour epic is recreated faithfully in a digital form, there’s also a ‘streamlined’ version of the game new for the app.

As in the original board game, players are tasked with leading their empire from a tribe at the dawn of civilisation through to the modern day, advancing technologies, engaging in military combat, managing political decisions and expanding their presence in the world.


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