Pegasus Spiele to publish future What’s Your Game? titles

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01 November 2016
pic3200781-31344.jpg Railroad Revolution is the first release from the new partnership
Essen release Railroad Revolution is first game from partnership

What’s Your Game? has inked a deal with German publisher Pegasus Spiele that will see the latter firm release a ‘select’ number of the company’s games from this November onwards.

The deal kicked off with the English and German translations of train-themed strategy game Railroad Revolution, which was released at Essen last month.

In the game, two to four players compete to build the best rail network across 19th-century America by hiring more skilled workers and establishing stations and telegraph communication.

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What’s Your Game? has been around since 2005, when it was founded in Italy. It relocated to Berlin in Germany five years ago. Other titles from the company include Nippon, Signorie and ZhanGuo.


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