Pay pennies to get Ticket to Ride, Mysterium and more on PC and mobile in Humble’s digital tabletop bundle

29 August 2018
ss_39bef4f0ea35d2b7826d69af8d93f24f5b264da7.1920x1080-27452.jpg Mysterium (PC)
Pathfinder Adventures, Carcassonne and Talisman available for under a fiver

Humble Bundle’s latest pay-what-you-like collection has brought together some of the best board games to make their way from the tabletop to the digital world.

The Digital Tabletop bundle is offering up a bunch of PC and mobile apps based on board game hits, including the ever-popular Ticket to Ride (although, seriously, how do you not own a copy of it already?), co-op puzzler Mysterium and superhero battler Sentinels of the Multiverse.

Just $1 (78p) will get you the complete bundle of Ticket to Ride and all of its available maps on Steam, plus the Android version of the train game. You’ll also get Mysterium on both PC and Android, plus Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game for PC, Mac and Linux – that includes the soundtrack to the game, too.

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As with all of Humble’s bundles, a portion goes to charity, with buyers able to choose how their money is divvied up between the developers, Humble and the charity – either Humble’s current choice of WaterAid USA, or one of your choosing.

Up your donation to just under a fiver – the current average of $5.86 (£4.54) – and you’ll gain an extra slew of digital board games, including Pathfinder Adventures, Carcassonne, the digital edition of Talisman with its Highland and Dungeon expansions, and the Shattered Timelines expansion for Sentinels. Those are all for PC, with an Android version of Talisman thrown in for good measure.

Finally, $10 (£7.74) or more will bag you a copy of digital-only board game Armello, bringing the total worth of the bundle to $123 (£96).

The deal runs for another 13 days and can be found over on the Humble Bundle site.


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